Blue Flame Services

Advisory Board

With extensive experience in technology startups and small-to-large enterprises, our chefs are well-suited to provide advisory-support services. Through advisory-board relationships, we can provide a spectrum of advice and guidance from technology to marketing to go-to-market strategy.

Content Development

Our content development services cover a wide-range of content types including short-form and long-form blogs, whitepapers, data sheets, by-line articles, web pages, and other collateral. We can even develop sales emails, newsletters, and other sales-oriented content. Although our focus is writing about technical topics or translating technical topics for non-technical audiences, we are more than capable of producing whatever is needed.

Executive Staff

In this service, we offer our chefs as executive staff members such as CTO, CMO, and CEO. Many of our chefs have first-hand experience in various executive roles in startups and small-to-large enterprises. This kind of support can help fill a skill gap during an executive search.

Example projects:
Executive Director

Formatting and Layout

Sometimes, collateral requires a designer’s touch because the words are only part of the reading experience. We can develop a specific look-and-feel or implement what’s already available to turn any piece of collateral, whether on a website, downloaded or printed, into more than just the words.

Graphic Design

In this service, our chefs both conceptualize designs for collateral, websites, or logos, as well as execute the design using various illustration and other tools.

Instructional Design

Development of e-learning and instructor-led courses. Self-paced online courses can be developed SCORM-compliant for integration into any learning management system (LMS)

Marketing Advice

While many engagements might involve specific deliverables, our chefs also pride themselves on just being able to offer advice and guidance. As experienced marketers, we bring a wealth of marketing knowledge which we are sometimes happy to share our expertise in very informal engagements.

Marketing Operations

This service involves setting up marketing processes (such as MQL generation and qualification), sales funnels utilizing marketing channels, and implementation of marketing technologies such as Hubspot.

Marketing Program Development

Unlike marketing program execution, this service develops those programs. In some instances, companies may have people who can implement marketing programs through various channels, but they need more strategic skills to develop the program parameters, operation, and expectations.

Example projects:
Executive Director

Marketing Program Execution

This service involves the execution of a marketing program, such as a content marketing strategy, through various digital or IRL channels and the related reporting to capture datapoints and KPIs for measurement.

Example projects:
Executive Director

Sales Support

Support services to sales including collateral development, Salesforce consulting and configuration, process improvement, and administrative tasks.

Software Architecture

This service provides documentation related to the design of software systems including component relationships, data models, process flows, UML use cases, and functional diagrams.

Software Development

Our software development services focus on client and server software development. We can provide coding support in a variety of languages including JavaScript (node and react), PHP, C#, C, and rust as well as develop in rendering languages and scripts like HTML and CSS.

Software Documentation

For this service, Blue Flame Advisors chefs analyze software, develop a documentation approach, and then document all features and functionality. Output can be printable document (PDF), Webhelp, or some other format.

Tools often used:

Software Engineering

This service is more elevated than similar services such as software architecture. Where the later is more focused on developing documentation, this service is focused more on the software concept itself. Through this service, we can provide guidance and direction on not only how software should be built but the user experience, back-end, and overall operational model.

Marketing Strategy

In addition to the more operational marketing services we can provide (as well as general advice), some of our clients want a more structured engagement to provide marketing guidance, detailed analysis of opportunities and target markets, develop business plans, or content strategies. Our chefs have extensive marketing executive experience in both large enterprises and small startups which provide us real-world expertise in developing actionable and proven marketing strategies.

Example projects:
Executive Director
Tools often used:

Web Development

Our chefs have built a multitude of websites ranging from interactive, immersive experiences to traditional corporate brochures. Beginning with HTML and Flash and graduating to Node and React, we understand how to select and implement the right technology for the right experience. We focus primarily on WordPress websites, whether out-of-the-box installs or headless versions, so that our customers can maintain a sense of ownership and flexibility with their websites. As part of WordPress website development, we can also modify plugins, themes (including building custom functions), and recommend plugins to provide for complex processes.

Tools often used:

Website Maintenance

For website maintenance, we provide a host of services related to WordPress installations including plugin updates, staging site, backups, performance optimization and monitoring, and plugin/theme customization.