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Marketing, whether a boot-strapped startup or a Fortune 100 company, is just like delivering a meal to a table of diners. It needs to be presented well, include the best ingredients, and, most of all, leave a lasting impression. But when a dish is undercooked because the flame isn’t hot enough, the resulting dinning experience can leave the wrong impression.

A Blue flame comes from very hot, complete burning of air and fuel. When a flame is orange in color, it means there are cooler spots in the flame where fuel isn't being totally burned.

Our Chefs Help Your Dishes Stand Out

Pulling a masterpiece from the oven or off the stove means more than just good technique. You need the right ingredients. The same goes for how you approach your markets and competitors. If you want your marketing and strategy efforts to have the most impact, you’ll need to have the right designs, the best writing, flawless software, and even innovative thinkers and doers.

Blue Flame Advisors can provide you the ingredients you need. We focus on three core activities.


Our chefs understand startups and startup mentalities. Whether you are a newly-minted garage company or a Fortune 500 marketing department, we can help you build and execute plans for growing your reach, your market penetration, or your brand value.


Maybe you're beyond just growing your brand or market position. When you have a marketing engine that is humming along, the next question is "how do you make it bigger?" Our chefs can help you take your marketing to the next stage through improved measurement and repeatable activities.


Every system breaks down from time-to-time. Whether that's because of tired processes or shifting customer needs, fresh eyes can revitalize your brand, your messaging, and your approach. Driven by data, our chefs can ensure your marketing efforts are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.,

Industries In Which We've Made Great Dishes

Big Data
Data Governance
Financial Services

Spotlight Dish!

Fractional CMO

In this role as a fractional CMO, head chef Jason Thibeault is responsible for helping set overall marketing strategy and direction, developing keystone and supporting content, sales and investor presentations, creating website content and whitepapers, as well as implementing core marketing operational processes and systems. Jason also carries out campaign design and execution. In addition to these marketing activities, Jason provides a deep level of technical expertise (B2B) to help shape overall strategic marketing direction and engagement activities. He also advises the B2C marketing team.

Project Chefs

Showcasing Meals We Are Proud Of

Below are a few examples of projects Blue Flame Advisors cooks have delivered to clients.

Brand and Content Strategy

Website Redesign

Grievancesoft Website

Not All Data Is Created Equal: A Health Marketer's Guide to Selecting a Data Provider

Securing Operational Technology In The Energy Industry

Streaming Video on the Rails: How To Ensure A Great Viewing Experience

Executive Director

Technical University Website

The Beginner's Guide To Predictive Data Quality And Observability

The Changing Nature of TV

Some Of The Quick Nibbles We've Put Together

Below are a few examples of client blogs developed by Blue Flame Advisors chefs.

We've Worked In A Lot of Kitchens

What Do Clients Say About The Meals We Make?

  • Jason has been an excellent marketing resource for Datazoom. As a co-founder, he has very detailed and extensive knowledge about our technology and market. As a proven marketer, he brings a wealth of experience and skills to help us better shape our message, target our campaigns, and improve our relationships with customers and prospects. Jason provides a number of different services for us including content development, website development and maintenance, and strategic consulting. He has been an invaluable resource!

    Diane Strutner (CEO/Co-founder, )

  • Jason has done an amazing job as the Executive Director of the Alliance. As a recognized voice in the industry, he has helped us establish the organization as a trusted, neutral resource. He has demonstrated consummate professionalism throughout his tenure as well as a vision which has afforded us continued growth and industry recognition. He continues to think about the Alliance’s role in the streaming industry, bringing new ideas, programs, and projects to the board for discussion. And when the board has agreed on a direction, Jason has proven his ability to execute. I am certain the Alliance wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without his guidance, input, and contribution.

    Joe Inzerillo (EVP and CTO, )

  • Jason has helped us tremendously in defining our marketing messages, developing content to support those messages, and helping us organize our content into more easy-to-follow storylines. This has enabled us to project a much better picture in the market which has improved awareness of the Touchstream brand and increased our pipelines. Jason has been invaluable in not only applying his deep streaming and monitoring expertise to our content needs but also in leveraging his content marketing experience to define our strategy. He has even come up with some cool, innovative concepts for us like the monitoring harness.

    Brenton Ough Touchstream (CEO/Co-founder, )

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