The One Monitoring Approach to Rule Them All (Whitepaper)


The One Monitoring Approach to Rule Them All whitepaper established the industry term “monitoring harness” which described the Touchstream approach to end-to-end stream monitoring: a flexible layer of the streaming video technology stack that never changed. The flexibility enabled different workflow components, whether local or third-party, like CDNs, encoders, etc. to plug into the harness. This allowed streaming operations teams to develop expertise on a single dashboard that could grow with the rest of the stack. Even if all the other components changed throughout the stack, the monitoring dashboard remains the same ensuring that operations engineers can continue to ensure the highest-quality of service to end-viewers without having to worry about familiarizing themselves with a new dashboard.

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Through multiple short- and long-form content assets, Touchstream has enjoyed a significant uplift in their online presence and prospect engagement. Social followers and website traffic have grown as viewers are drawn to fresh and innovative content. Top of funnel MQLs have grown over 100% and are compounding as the content library grows and new prospects are introduced to the vast library of information provided on the Touchstream website.


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Jason has helped us tremendously in defining our marketing messages, developing content to support those messages, and helping us organize our content into more easy-to-follow storylines. This has enabled us to project a much better picture in the market which has improved awareness of the Touchstream brand and increased our pipelines. Jason has been invaluable in not only applying his deep streaming and monitoring expertise to our content needs but also in leveraging his content marketing experience to define our strategy. He has even come up with some cool, innovative concepts for us like the monitoring harness.