Datazoom Website Redesign


For this project, Blue Flame Advisors redesigned the Datazoom website using a combination of Elementor, Pods, Dynamic Content, and other Wordpress plugins. This new design was a modified Astra theme featuring custom CSS and layouts. In addition to the redesign, Blue Flame Advisors also re-developed the site, implementing a broad range of new plugins, improving overall performance (through a number of optimizations including CSS/JavaScript minification and JavaScript deferment), and implementing many security features including Content Security Protection headers. Blue Flame Advisor consultants also completely rewrote the site content to better articulate company messaging. This included setting SEO, using a predefined set of keywords and key phrases, through the Yoast Premium plugin. As part of the strategic consulting, Blue Flame Advisors implemented Hubspot (in a Growth subscription) to more tightly integrate sales activities with marketing automation. Finally, Blue Flame Advisors worked with Datazoom’s external marketing firm to configure various pipelines in Google Analytics as well as write multiple blog posts. Blue Flame Advisors currently provides monthly maintenance for the website which includes plugin updates, ensuring site availability through continuous uptime monitoring, and making implementing additional features, pages, content, or other improvements.

Blue Flame Advisors Cooks

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Project Results

Datazoom’s new website is both more engaging and more informative than the previous version. Traffic and session time are significantly improved as well as user engagement through various new forms, popups, and landing pages.


Diane Strutner


Jason has been an excellent marketing resource for Datazoom. As a co-founder, he has very detailed and extensive knowledge about our technology and market. As a proven marketer, he brings a wealth of experience and skills to help us better shape our message, target our campaigns, and improve our relationships with customers and prospects. Jason provides a number of different services for us including content development, website development and maintenance, and strategic consulting. He has been an invaluable resource!