Bayshore Networks

Bayshore Networks

Bayshore Networks offers a set of real-time protection solutions for IT, OT, and IoT networks and industrial control systems. Its technology augments both small local networks and very large highly-scaled environments, and provides automated learning and protection via content and packet inspection technologies. Bayshore’s product portfolio focuses on different deployment scenarios, including endpoint protection; network edge control; and secure remote access solutions, all of which include continuous inspection and enforcement of policy based on network access control, anomaly detection, and behavior-based profiling. Bayshore Networks was acquired by OPSWAT in July of 2021.





Blue Flame Advisors provides the following services to Bayshore Networks:

Content Development


Kirby Wadsworth

CMO (former)

Jason Thibeault is a first-rate technical marketer. He quickly understood what we did at Bayshore and how we needed to communicate the problems we solved in an impactful way. Not only did he write a whitepaper which generated solid leads, but he helped us structure and present it in a way that connected readers with the content and our company.