Datazoom is an enterprise Video Data Platform technology company which standardizes and enriches data for video teams and their technology partners. Through a variety of real-time data collection software and routing services, the Datazoom platform offers flexibility and transparency in data collection so operations, engineering, product, and business decisions can be made with confidence. Companies which drive revenue with video use Datazoom to democratize insight, decrease inefficiencies, and deliver captivating end-user experiences. Unlock your data’s black box at


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Blue Flame Advisors provides the following services to Datazoom:

Advisory Board

Content Development

Formatting and Layout

Marketing Advice

Marketing Strategy

Web Development

Website Maintenance


Diane Strutner


Jason has been an excellent marketing resource for Datazoom. As a co-founder, he has very detailed and extensive knowledge about our technology and market. As a proven marketer, he brings a wealth of experience and skills to help us better shape our message, target our campaigns, and improve our relationships with customers and prospects. Jason provides a number of different services for us including content development, website development and maintenance, and strategic consulting. He has been an invaluable resource!


Blue Flames Advisor Head Chef, Jason Thibeault, is a co-founder of Datazoom. He stepped away to focus more on his Executive Director duties at the Streaming Video Alliance. He currently serves as an advisor to the CEO.