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For this project, IntelAgree needed help establishing and developing a marketing strategy for their AI features. Their competitors have already begun to talk about AI, AI features, and the benefits of AI to Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and IntelAgree was getting ready to launch their own AI features. Part of this project was developing, managing, and helping to execute, a content marketing strategy for the CLM market around the topic of AI. This included formulating the objectives, sub-topics, and schedule for a multi-channel campaign around the whitepaper and other content elements. The other part of this project was a complete brand strategy for the name of the AI features: Saige. This included a brand analysis of Saige and competitor brands, developing of primary and secondary brand attributes, and, ultimately brand positioning. This work then moved into brand imagery to ensure that the icon for Saige best represented the emotional and functional elements of the brand.

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