Securing Operational Technology In The Energy Industry


This whitepaper explained the current energy grid situation and its vulnerability to digital attacks, the challenges of reducing weaknesses, and how new technologies can protect the grid from catastrophic failure caused by deliberate attack. In addition, the paper examined general trends in the convergence of IT and OT, while introducing readers to four key considerations when protecting industrial assets against cyber threats. Lastly, it introduced Bayshore’s Industrial Cyber Protection Platform, and how it addressed the challenges and issues with protecting critical energy industry infrastructure.

Blue Flame Advisors Cooks

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Project Details




Tools Used

Adobe InDesign

Microsoft Word

Project Duration

2 months

Project Results

Bayshore Networks received a significant number of leads from the whitepaper. This specific whitepaper outperformed other industry-focused whitepapers by almost 45%.


Kirby Wadsworth

CMO (former)

Jason Thibeault is a first-rate technical marketer. He quickly understood what we did at Bayshore and how we needed to communicate the problems we solved in an impactful way. Not only did he write a whitepaper which generated solid leads, but he helped us structure and present it in a way that connected readers with the content and our company.