GoWare Technology Asset Whitepaper


When GoWare failed to secure institutional funding in 2008 (following a $3.5MM debt equity raise), the goal was to liquidate the technology assets (software and patents) in an effort to recoup some investor capital. This document was produced to describe the assets and the purpose of the platform.

Blue Flame Advisors Cooks

The following Blue Flame Advisors cooks were involved in this project:

Project Details






Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Word

Project Duration

2 months

Project Results

Although GoWare did not end up selling any of the assets, the feedback on the document was very positive.

Project Notes

Blue Flame Advisors Head Chef, Jason Thibeault, was a co-founder in GoWare and held the positions of CTO and CMO.