Blue Flame Advisors Team

Meet The Chefs at Blue Flame Advisors

Jason Thibeault

Jason is the founder of Blue Flame Advisors. As a consultant with over 20 years experience providing technology- and marketing-related services to startups as well as small and large enterprises, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every engagement. In addition to working with various Blue Flame Advisors on a project-by-project basis, Jason also serves as the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA), a global technical association of companies collaborating to solve critical challenges in delivering a better streaming video experience at scale. As part of that role, Jason provides a host of services ranging from executive strategy to content development and website maintenance. He represents the SVTA across a variety of industry events and capacities, leveraging his recognized expertise in the streaming industry.

Jason is also the co-founder of Datazoom, a startup focused on homogenizing streaming video data collecting and increasing the speed of data acquisition. Prior to his current role as Head Chef and SVTA Executive Director, Jason spent eight years at Limelight Networks, a leading CDN, where he held several roles including product manager and marketing strategist. He is also an inventor of multiple technical patents in streaming and cloud technologies and the co-author of one marketing book, Recommend This!